Wellness Your Way.

What would help you live your best each day? More fun ways to socialize? New opportunities to learn? Or maybe some tips from a fitness expert and enjoyable physical activities? We’ve got all of that — and more.

Our residents find abundant wellness opportunities at their fingertips. Our purposeful programming empowers you to embrace critical successful-aging elements like intellectual, physical, social and spiritual well-being. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, our team works with residents individually to develop a road map for their future health.

We begin with a wellness review to explore your personal goals. Together, we’ll identify areas you’re already doing well in, and those you could improve upon to help you be healthier and happier.

Come see what wellness your way could look like at Abbey Delray South. Use the contact form on this page and ask about our well-rounded approach to health.


Take Care of Your Body

  • Choose from over 20 classes in the fitness center each week.
  • Do laps in the pool and learn ballroom dancing.
  • Eat delicious meals that are actually good for you.

Challenge Your Mind

  • Explore a new creative outlet like painting, singing in the chorus, or playing ukulele.
  • Discover more about the world through discussion groups, lectures and cultural events.
  • Stay sharp by learning new computer skills, bridge and mahjong, or by joining a trivia team.

Build Up Your Spirit

  • Develop meaningful friendships with the fascinating people around you.
  • Nurture your faith through studies, classes and services.
  • Find purpose and connection through volunteering and serving others with your skills.