A group of residents at Abbey Delray South talking about TED talks

Abbey Delray South Residents Pursue Personal Growth Through TED Talks

For some years now, TED Talks have fired up the internet with powerful speeches on a multitude of everyday topics. Their relatability has inspired millions, including Abbey Delray South resident Elaine Hollander, who kickstarted a club at the retirement community centered around the talks. Her group, known as the Women’s Only Workshop, meets monthly to watch TED Talks together, which they follow up with in-depth discussions on whatever topic is at hand.

The idea behind the club is to promote personal growth and ongoing learning. Topics have included social relationships, laughter and happiness, living passionately, building strong bonds, asking for help and more. Around 15 ladies from all walks of life attend each session, with Elaine leading the discussions, given her background as a professor of sociology and psychology.

Boca Newspaper had the pleasure of attending one of the Women’s Only Workshop sessions to see its members in action.