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5 Ways Retirement Communities Lead to a More Active Lifestyle for Seniors

Your senior years are full of possibilities. These are the years most adults build toward, a time when you can make the most of the life you’ve created. But staying active in retirement can be difficult. Whether you’re no longer in a physically demanding job, are experiencing a change in mobility, or would prefer to have others to stay active with, there can be many potential hurdles to physical wellness —unless you equip yourself with the right tools.

Choosing to live in a retirement community can be the key to staying active as you age, replete with ways to make wellness-minded living easier. From senior fitness programs that embrace your unique goals to peers who value healthy living and enjoy the same hobbies, retirement communities turn wellness into an integral feature of everyday life.

If you’re ready to explore the wellness opportunities that await at senior living communities like Abbey Delray South, let’s begin to unpack what holistic senior living can encompass and explore five ways retirement communities can enhance active senior living.

What is Active Living for Seniors and Why Does Senior Fitness Matter?

If you’re looking for a retirement lifestyle that keeps you active and promotes your well-being, it’s important to understand what senior wellness means to you. While your retirement years are meant to be spent soaking in all that life has to offer and having fun, it’s also important to maintain your health and keep wellness top of mind. The choices you make concerning your health and wellness during now years dictate the level of enjoyment, ease, and vivacity you get later.

At its most basic level, active senior living encompasses access to amenities, health programs, and social opportunities that can contribute to your overall wellness.

In your day-to-day life, staying fit as you age means more time on the playground with your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It means keeping up with that vegetable or flower garden you love so much. It means fun in the sun is not restricted to sitting by the pool.  Prioritizing your health and wellness is the difference between isolation and genuinely making the best out of life with the ones you love most.

How Active Senior Living Communities Help Keep You Engaged and Healthy

Sometimes, we all need a little more than internal motivation to get moving again. One of the most substantial benefits of senior living communities is that they can provide the structure you need to build up fitness routines, wellness foundations, and connections with others. More than this, retirement communities like Abbey Delray South offer an added element of convenience thanks to amenities like an easy-to-access gym, resort-style pool, and dining services. At Abbey Delray South, this combination of structure and convenience becomes a powerhouse tool for holistic wellness, designed to make your retirement as fulfilling and dynamic as you always dreamed it would be.

Built-In Socialization

It’s been shown that social seniors are happier and healthier. Isolation is a leading cause of anxiety and depression in older adults, and when you’re doing your best to stay active, mental and emotional wellness are an important part of that equation. The community at Abbey Delray South offers easy access to your new best friends or, at the very least, your next Sunday coffee partner. Through the exploration of new hobbies and engagement in various wellness activities, finding the right social circle for you is easy.

Easy-to-Engage Senior Wellness Programs

As part of our community philosophy, we know that supporting wellness of all types is essential to your health, happiness, and longevity. That’s why we offer a variety of wellness programs to meet your needs and pique your interests. Whether you’re looking for low-intensity or low-impact exercises that are easy on the joints or trying to find the perfect balance of cardio and strength to keep your muscles toned and your heart strong, our fitness center and wellness programs have you covered.

Because our communities are as unique as our residents, we know the importance of finding the right wellness activities for your lifestyle and passions — and the right people to share those passions with. From regularly held classes you can drop-in on whenever the mood strikes to more personalized programs and opportunities, finding the best balance at Abbey Delray South is easy.

Variety of Active Lifestyle Activities at Your Fingertips

Forget those who say you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” or would insinuate that your retirement age means you’re stuck in your ways. The ability to change it up and find excitement in new types of movement or fun, social exercises keeps fitness engaging. Residents at Abbey Delray South enjoy a wide variety of fitness and wellness activities and move-as-you-want opportunities in our on-site fitness center.

Freedom and Time for Wellness

At Abbey Delray South, residents spend less time on things like caring for a home and meal prepping and more time enjoying their active hobbies thanks to dining and maintenance services. Pair that extra time with resort-style amenities just steps from their homes and a team of wellness professionals committed to helping residents find their fitness stride, and you’ll start to see how retirement communities like Abbey Delray South can set you up for successful active living.

New Best Friends to Explore Wellness Together

At the end of the day, leading an active lifestyle is more fun when you do it with others. One of the most significant advantages of senior living communities is that last word—community. You’re surrounded by people your age with similar interests. Your new best friend might be just down the hall, across the courtyard, or a single building over. It’s like living on a college campus all over again, only with more wisdom under your belt and far fewer weights on your shoulders. The residents of Abbey Delray South stay active together, and that’s the best part.

Find Your Active Senior Living Community at Abbey Delray South

Wellness and health are important priorities at any age, and keeping them front and center in your senior years ensures that you’ll have the most fun for as long as possible, and feel good doing it.

If you’re ready to meet your new workout buddies and kickstart your new lifestyle, fill out the form below or call 561-272-9600 to learn more about our community.